Selasa, 21 Agustus 2012


THE INFLUENCE OF PLYOMETRIK EXERSICE TOWARD IMPROVING JUMP UP ABILITY TO JUNIOR PLAYER OF GIRI MUDA SEMEN GRESIK VOLLEYBALL CLUB (Study of Giri Muda Semen Gresik Volley Ball Club) Risfandy setyawan ABSTRACT In exercise process and development junior athlete’s achievement, physical condition ability should get special attention. the researcher tries to use plyometrik exersice as a way to improve jump up ability. researcher tries to improve player’s jump up ability hopefully player can do jump up higher, because jump up is essential factor in volleyball in order to be play effisiently and effectively to achieve optimal result to a volleyball player. The purpose in this research is to know the influence of plyometrik exersice toward improving jump up ability. the population in this research is volleyball player of giri muda semen gresik and the sample which be taken 20 players. the method in this research is descriptive quantitative and comparative. whereas the data collection be done by doing the test (pre-test and post-test). From the result of this research, can be concluded that there is a significant difference before and after the exercise toward jumping up ability to junior player of giri muda semen gresik volleyball club, before pre-test and post-test were given in plyometrik exersice. it supportes by the result of the t-test. the result is ttest = 6,295 and ttable = 2,093. it means that giving plyometrik exersice has significant influence toward improving jump up ability to junior player of giri muda semen gresik volleyball club.